Camping Indoors

s'moresCamping indoors is a favorite pastime of mine, stemming from my childhood. Mostly on rainy days my mother would take down a select few photos or art peices frm the living room walls to reveal nails. Then she would tie a string or thin rope from one nail to the other, criss-crossing the room. Then we would lay a sheet over our handiwork. Although not quite “roughing it” indoor camping is a great (and extremely cheap) way to introduce kids to camping and entertain them for hours.

To retain a bit of the feel of real camping, you can pack a picnic and eat it while you tell scary ghost stories over a flashlight. My favorite indoor camping tradition is indoor s’mores. You take marshmellow fluff (instead of marshmellows, because they explode) and spread it on one half of a graham cracker. You place a bar of hershey’s chocolate on top and then top it off with the other half of teh cracker. Then you put in on a plate (it’s REALLY messy) and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. it is all the goodness of s’mores without the danger of fire and as an added bonus, the chocoalte gets all melty too.

If you are trying to be romantic, spread thick blankets and pillows on the floor forthe two of you to lay on. I would skip the sandwiches and microwave s’mores for a bit more sophisticated fare. I suggest sliced fruits and chocolate covered strawberries. If you are feeling ambitious, clear a spot in the middle of your ‘tent’ and place a tray full of lighted candles for a soft firelit glow. Fondue is also a great idea for an indoor or outdoor setting, because all that most require is a tealight candle.